Giving Tuesday

Summer Camp at Jacob’s Ladder, Inc. creates an opportunity to meet the needs of gifted children by providing a chance to immerse themselves in highly enriching learning experiences to feed their creative minds. In addition to advanced academic and creative classes, Summer Camp also provides students with opportunities to explore financial management, new sports activities, stress management, and even their spiritual journey … all to help them navigate their world and help them to maximize the potential of their intellectual gifts.

“I’m still hopeful that Camp will continue, as scheduled,” says, Executive Director, Dr. David Niebuhr, “but, we can’t sit around waiting … we’re here to enrich the lives of these kids, and we’re planning to do that in the best post-COVID-19 way we know how!”

How Niebuhr plans to satisfy these enrichment needs is to expand the summer program to regular, year-round programming using a combination of emerging technologies and regional meetings to keep gatherings small. He also envisions creating a seminar for parents and guardians on the same day, enabling them to have an exciting day of learning, too. “[Not being] a fan of ‘build it, and they will come’ educational programs,” Niebuhr says that he’s already conducted a needs assessment to determine student resources and the best delivery strategies for the new programming. He estimates that he’ll need new videoconferencing equipment, classroom rental space, and staff time to move toward this expanded programming schedule.

“We’re here to enrich the lives of these kids, and we’re planning to do that in the best post-COVID-19 way we know how!”

Dr. David Niebuhr, Executive Director

Right now, summer plans are up in the air, and there is hope for the best, plan for the worst attitude at Jacob’s Ladder. Niebuhr states, “I’m just excited that our ‘plan for the worst’ will actually expand programming for our Climbers, no matter what happens this summer…and THAT makes us all very happy.”

This May 5th is “Giving Tuesday”! Please consider a gift to help us purchase the equipment that will allow us to expand our programming in response to new, COVID-Smart classroom guidelines. Our donation goal of $5700 will purchase the equipment we need to create interactive, distance learning experiences.

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