Teachers and RA’s …

… for the 2021 Jacob’s Ladder Summer Enrichment Camp.

We need teachers for this summer’s camp. Who are our teachers? They are the people who pour their knowledge, wisdom, and insights from years of experience into the Climbers of Jacob’s Ladder. Where do our teachers come from? They come from all over the world. They are current and retired educators, school counselors and principals, they are professional storytellers, athletic trainers, dancers, musicians and poets. Anyone and everyone who has the knowledge and ability to share with bright and inquisitive minds.

Does this sound like you? Or maybe it sounds like someone you know. If it is you, click right on through and submit your teaching interest form (opens in Google Forms), and please share this information with anyone you know who might want to present a fun class to our Climbers.

Music class on ukulele

What will you be getting in to?

Teachers commit to teaching at least 1 week (Monday – Friday) to 3 sections of about 8 middle school aged students (a total of about 24 students). Each class period is about 1 hour (3 hours of total teaching each day). Teachers are compensated $500 per week plus room and board.

Thinking this sounds like you? Please fill out the Teaching Interest Form (opens in Google Forms)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Shawn Saunders (shawnsaunders2014@gmail.com), our Director of Education or call (804) 381-2575.

We’re also looking for …

… Resident Advisers / Responsible Adults

RAs have fun!

RA means both, but what’s the difference? In our eyes, they are the same thing – caring and thoughtful young adults who will help lead and guide our Climbers through the camp experience – and we are looking to hire at least three females and five males for this coming Summer Enrichment Camp. As an RA, you must have completed your first year of college to apply, and the application may be found right here.

Again, please share this information with everyone you may know who is looking for a challenging and enriching Summer gig.

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