2024 Golf Tournament – Results

It’s in the hole!

On Monday, May 13, 2024 at the 31st Annual Jacob’s Ladder Golf Tournament at the Golden Eagle in Irvington, VA, one lucky participant and supporter of Jacob’s Ladder won $35,000 by making a hole-in-one.

In a moment that would make any golfer’s heart race, Michael Coggeshall completely nailed it on the third hole, as his 7-iron shot from 200 yards made Jacob’s Ladder Golf history as the first ever hole-in-one for the Tourney. Well done, Michael!

From left: Martin Folliard (Folliard & Hall, Inc.); Michael Coggeshall; Catherine Coggeshall (Executive Director); Aubrey Hall (Jacob’s Ladder Founder)

This is how the rest of the field fared:

1st Flight, 1st Place

Gates Team: Mike Gates, Tyler Fryman, Steve Hall, Rob Pittman

1st Flight, 2nd Place

Ramsey Team: Jay Ramsey, Max Hass, Pete Hustead, Tyler Riesen

2nd Flight, 1st Place

Will Hall Team: Will Hall, Chuck Cunningham, Trip Featherston, Parker Kirkmeyer

2nd Flight, 2nd Place

Vorenberg Team: Andy Vorenberg, Dusty Anderson, Sam Marsee, R.W. Sperber

3rd Flight, 1st Place

Hipp Team2: Arvid Frankenhoff, Rob Grace, David Gwaltney, Jim Noble

3rd Flight, 2nd Place

Coggeshall-Ellis Team: Ruth Coggeshall, Michael Coggeshall, Howard Ellis, Steve VanDam

Closest to the Pin: Howard Ellis

Longest Drive: Top Allaun

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