Merry Christmas from Jacob’s Ladder

May your Holiday Season be filled with blessings, peace, joy and love.

The design on our card this year was inspired by two different themes.

The Jacob’s Ladder quilt pattern is an old and established design, with some sources dating it back to the 18th Century. Certainly it has been in use since the middle to late 19th Century among traditional quilters. The colors behind the pattern are based on the colors of t-shirts presented to Climbers at the beginning of each Summer Enrichment Camp (and there is a quilt made from these t-shirts hanging in our offices today). If you pay attention the repetitive patterns of the quilt, there are four arrows, moving out from a central area. As Climbers move up through the program, they support their peers who are with them, and the expectation of all Climbers is to reach back to help others make their own way in the world.

Looking back over the almost 30 years of Jacob’s Ladder, we can see how the lives the program have touched have – in turn – touched many others. We look with excitement to the future and to the positive change that can be brought about by enriching the lives of intellectually gifted, underserved children.

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