What the Summer Program is …

Jacob’s Ladder has been growing and changing since it was begun in 1991. Over the years, the accumulated knowledge and experience of the RAs (“Responsible Adults”), Teachers and Staff have influenced hundreds of students. So after 27 years of enrichment, 27 years of watching Climbers grow and gain confidence in themselves, 27 years of staff and teachers giving their time and resources to make the program a success, we asked the Climbers – along with staff and teachers – to reflect on what the Summer Enrichment Program is for them.

The following responses are from the 2018 Climbers, teachers, and staff when they were asked “what is Jacob’s Ladder?”

“Jacob’s Ladder is … doing things that may seem hard at first, but not giving up.”  ~ Franklin

“Jacob’s Ladder is… being inspired by others’ stories.”  ~ Talar

“Jacob’s Ladder is … worth it!”  ~ Mrs. Palmer

“Jacob’s Ladder is … an imprint on your heart that can mold who you become and the choices you make because of the relationships formed and lessons learned.”  ~ Mrs. Albaugh

“Jacob’s Ladder is … traditions.”  ~ McKenzie

“Jacob’s Ladder is … missing home, but finding comfort in friends who have become like family.”  ~ Mrs. Zeilinger

“Jacob’s Ladder is … a cup of water and a fruit or vegetable at mealtime.”  ~ Chyra

“Jacob’s Ladder is … never being bored because there are so many fun activities for you to do.”  ~ Virginia

“Jacob’s Ladder is … silly songs that get stuck in your head.”  ~ Sophie & Kyra

“Jacob’s Ladder is … trying new things.”  ~ Madison

“Jacob’s Ladder is … meeting new people and learning all about them.”  ~ Shanya

“Jacob’s Ladder is … where you form friends and family.”  ~ Ethan

“Jacob’s Ladder is … where you can be yourself.”  ~ Nevaeh

“Jacob’s Ladder is … your home away from home.”  ~ Matthew

“Jacob’s Ladder is … special privileges for Seniors.”  ~ Saleyah

“Jacob’s Ladder is … a place to get away from your problems.” ~ Jazmine

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