Newsletter – Spring, 2018

Executive Director Named to Jacob’s Ladder Executive Director – Emeritus, W. Aubrey Hall Jacob’s Ladder is off to an exciting year! First is an introduction of our new Executive Director of Jacob’s Ladder. Mrs. Susan Barnes Albaugh assumed the position February 1, 2018. Jacob’s Ladder has worked with Mrs. Albaugh…

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7th Annual Oyster Tasting – 24 September, 2017

Seven years and running! Fortunately, oysters do not have legs, so you can easily catch and consume them to your hearts content! We all know that these delectable bivalves can be consumed year-round, but there is just something about a crisp, Fall day that screams, “I’ve gotta have some oysters”.…

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Summer has Begun!

July 4 2017

The Summer Program officially began with the 11 Senior Climbers returning from their week-long leadership experience which included hiking and camping near the Appalachian Trail. The seniors brought back memories they will cherish forever, as well as a new focus to support the character-building direction for returning Climbers and a…

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23rd Golf Tourney – Thank You and Results

Par 3

Thank you to all the golfers, the sponsors, and the volunteers who made the 23rd Annual Jacob’s Ladder Golf Tournament a success. A glorious Monday dawned at the Golden Eagle Golf Course, in Irvington, VA to meet our dedicated band of thirteen volunteers as they prepared to greet eleven teams…

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Jacob’s Ladder April Board Meeting

Jacob's Ladder Board

While the Climbers gathered for their annual Spring retreat at Camp Piankatank, the Board of Directors met on the other end of camp to discuss the business of Jacob’s Ladder. Each meeting of the board this year is focused toward one goal: To make the transition of executive directors a…

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Palm Sunday Retreat, 2017

The annual Jacob’s Ladder Spring Retreat held over the Palm Sunday weekend was a smashing success. Thirty-nine Climbers made their way to Camp Piankatank in Hartfield, VA on Friday to enjoy each others company for the holiday. The weekend was a mixture of joyous celebrations culminating in the choice of…

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Why Climbers Come Back to JL

Climbers writing

Brightness floods the Jacob’s Ladder office during this wintry time of year with letters from Climbers.  Each Climber is required to write a letter to the Board of Directors explaining the reason why they would like to return and what the program has meant to them. The Climbers are also…

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Fall-Winter Newsletter

The Fall-Winter Newsletter is hot off the presses! In this issue: All about the 2016 Summer Enrichment Program Jacob’s Ladder turns 25 Fundraising events and updates Fast Facts for 2016 and news from the Executive Director

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Where have they been? Where are they now?

Jacob’s Ladder – as many of our loyal supporters know – strives to provide opportunities for gifted, at-risk students during their formative years between fourth and eighth grade. What is not as well-known is that we try to keep up with our former Climbers after they graduate our program and…

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