Zoom Calls and Devotionals

During the second Zoom get-together, Climbers began to think and talk about strategies of how to better deal with life DURING COVID and what Jacob’s Ladder is going to be like AFTER COVID.

Kelly’s group gave us feedback about the Climbers wanting virtual field trips. One of the students stated, “Our teacher [from school] keeps talking about virtual field trips, but we never have any.” It looks like this is right out of Jacob’s Ladder playbook – enrichment by field trip. We wonder what virtual field trips the Climbers will suggest?

Micaiah’s group started looking forward to next year’s camp. One of their ideas is to have a “tasting club.” In the meantime, they want to have a virtual chocolate tasting. The group suggested that three types of chocolate be mailed to each of them. They can learn about and experience chocolate together through a zoom call.  Sounds like a yummy plan. 

Kelly began the inspirational devotion time with this statement: Sometimes, it’s hard for us to understand or even see real-life miracles. 

She expanded on this thought as she spoke about a friend’s father falling off of a trail on the wall of the Grand Canyon during a hike and how his surviving this fall is a miracle.

image of cactus in Grand Canyon National Park
NPS Photo by Michael Quinn

The only thing that saved him from certain death was being caught up in the spiny arms of a cactus. She shared how even though we may not understand the situation amid tragedy or hard times, God’s timing is perfect. His hands are always there to catch us even if it’s a prickly, old, rugged cactus near the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Kelly wants Climbers to see that although things right now aren’t pleasant, and we are uncomfortable and frustrated, God has a plan for us. We are being held in his precious hands always.

It was a fun and relaxing Zoom call for all. JL staff was even able to accomplish a focus group needs assessment of our Climbers at their “school plus four weeks.”

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